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Group 2 Delaware River Watershed Initiative


Climate, Extreme Weather, and Berks County

Hundreds of Berks County residents and leaders gathered last week in Reading to celebrate Berks Nature’s 14th Annual State of the Environment Breakfast. Headlining the event was Lauren Casey, a leading meteorologist with Climate Central, who shared insights into the science behind extreme weather and the impact these forces have on our nation today and into the future.

Already the United States and the Commonwealth are experiencing the striking and at times devastating impacts of the global climate crisis; from unprecedented flooding, massive wildfires, drought, and historic storms, extreme weather events are on the rise. Here in Berks County too we are reckoning with hotter temperatures and more severe storms.

Despite the severity of the climate crisis and its local manifestations, the energy at the event was not one of defeat, but one of action. Berks County community members demonstrated exceptional unity, focus, and vigor – a readiness to turn local action into global impact.