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Group 2 Delaware River Watershed Initiative


Plank Property Preservation Provides Public Access, Protects Forests and Streams

The Wildlands Conservancy recently acquired a parcel of land that will help preserve open space and offer public access to the Conservancy’s largest preserve. The new parcel, the Plank Property, is adjacent the Thomas Darling Preserve in the Poconos. The project was made possible with the support of several partners including the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, Monroe County, the Open Space Institute, the William Penn Foundation and private donations through Pocono Lake Preserve.

“With precious wetlands, abundant wildlife habitat and waterways that lead to the Lehigh River, this special natural area is a critical landscape that begs to be kept whole,” said Wildlands Conservancy President Christopher Kocher. “And thanks to the support of our giving community and visionary partners, Wildlands is meaningfully connecting more people with nature in the Poconos, altogether inspiring a future for local conservation.”

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