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Group 2 Delaware River Watershed Initiative


Warwick Furnace Farm Preserve Highlights Importance of Land Protection for Watershed Health

The historic Warwick Furnace Farm has been preserved thanks to an innovative project managed by French and Pickering Creeks Conservation Trust. The 553-acre project, the largest in French and Pickering’s history, was funded via a variety of sources, including the Chester County Commissioners, through the Department of Open Space Preservation; Warwick Township; Open Space Institute using funds from the William Penn Foundation under the Delaware River Watershed Initiative; East Nantmeal Township, along with a loan from The Conservation Fund in Arlington, Virginia.

“In this one project you have a site of historic significance going all the way back to the Revolutionary War, the striking architecture of the buildings, the impact of restoring the forest to help improve the water quality of French Creek and the truly amazing and stunning scenic value of this landscape nestled in the narrow valley,” said Ole Amundsen, program manager for The Conservation Fund.

“In a region where increasing development threatens to impair water quality, this project makes a bold statement about the importance of land protection for watershed health,” said Peter Howell, executive vice president of Open Space Institute.

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